New player looking for a game of Ogre or other microgame

Greetings! I’m new to Vassal, and I’d like to get started by playing a short game with someone who doesn’t mind playing against a first-timer. I can do live with skype or a PBEM. I’d like to learn both ways. I am available after 8pm central (GMT -0600) for live games.

I have Ogre and GEV, and the old TSR microgame Revolt on Antares. I’ll also play any free downloadable game (such as the Dwarfstar games at ).


Hello Herodian.
Nice to see another microgame fan. I’ll do any or all of the above - I’m afraid I can only manage PBEM. Sending you a PM.
Any other microgame junkies out there?

Thanks for the awesome PBEM of Revolt on Antares, Pork! I’m jumping the gun a bit since we’ve got one phase left of the end-game, but man, that was fun!

Herodian, you read my mind! I’m also looking to play for a game of Ogre. I was a Vassal user a couple of years back, and now I’m getting back into it and I need to re-learn the ropes. PBEM is my preferred way to play. How about we start with the basic scenario on the orange map with a Mark III Bolo? You can choose your side.

Hi all. Reminiscing about games I played in school days, I recently discovered VASSAL.
Been years since playing OGRE. Anybody want to play?

Played G.E.V. and OGRE a long time ago. Would be very interested in either game PBEM. Am new to Vassal, downloaded it years ago but never used it.

If you’re still interested, let me know.