New player looking to learn

I had a group of friends who I played video games with pretty much everyday, alas one is getting married and the others have somewhat scattered. Long story short I’ve been bored as all hell and have been looking into getting back into Wargaming. I haven’t played since I was a kid and even then I only played Warhammer Fantasy and 40k. I’m looking for pretty much anything to play, I use to want to learn to play Warmachine and Confrontation but I’m open to whatever. Anyone have the patience to play with a scrub like myself?

Howdy. I am, like you, a Vassal beginner. Happy to muck around with almost any game - I used to play the odd wargame (a bit of ASL, back in the day), though I’m partial to thematic games and Euros. I’m presently learning to use Vassal by way of Arkham Horror, which seems like proper fun. Interested?

Yes actually. I have no clue how the game is played but I always enjoyed Lovecraft and anything like it.

Hey there, another newbie here. I’m currently stranded in a remote corner of Wales and have pretty much just discovered Vassal. If you’re interested in setting up a round (I’m known to play pretty much anything that involves dice, cards or counters :smiley: ), let me know.

Cool. I’m in Western Australia, so the time differences are pretty much going to guarantee that it’s PBEM! Let’s have a go and see if we work out the logfile system. Arkham Horror is cooperative and plenty of stuff seems to be able to happen simultaneously, so it should work out OK. I’ll follow up with some PMs tonight.

I’m on the East Coast of the US. But I mostly play all afternoon - night rather then the day so I think I might be able to work with both of you. I’m not too excited about a PBEM but I will get over it.

Are you guys still looking for people to play with? I’m new myself and am looking for a group of people to learn some of these new games myself. Let me know, thanks