New Player -- Modern era games

Hi all,

My primary area of interest at the moment is contemporary warfare (post 1945). So, I’m looking for an opponent for such games as the following:

Flashpoint: Golan
Second Fleet (or other entries in the Fleet series)
The Next War [No VASSAL mod yet]
Air & Armor
Crisis: Korea '95 [I just got a scanner, and may start creating a module]

Well, you get the idea.

This would be my first time making real use of Vassal, so be gentle!

I live on the East Coast of USA (GMT-5).

– Marc

Hi Marc,

my Name is Konstantin Lubsky and I’d like to try a game of “Air and Armor”. Would you have time and interest? If so, please give me a note!



“The Next War [No VASSAL mod yet]”

I need to clean it up a bit, but it’s more than playable…