new player need opponents

i am curretly waiting for opponents on monopoly.
i am new in vassal but veteran in strategy war games :slight_smile: hoi 3, 4 , rtw, arma 2,3 wargame red dragon etc…
i will play anything(including buisness, war, economy) except fantasy games ( i hate fantasy i like realism)
i speak english and francais.

Hey man still there? Pretty much in the same boat. Bought two hex and chit games but can’t find anyone to play them with. The two games I have are

Panzer-GMT games: tank on tank warfare in the eastern front. Pretty complex rules but it models stuff like angle of attack, range armor penetration, height, hull down status etc. Good game. Rules are here: … 0FinaL.pdf

Lock n Load Starter Kit: Small scale infantry combat. Not as complex, want to do a quick Vietnam era scenario.

Long time no reply, well here goes.

I/we are playing a big WW2 game, (Aug 2020), in which all WW2 games can be merged. Join us!

Manual attached.