new player - PrG/CoA7YW/M&P/AW/GBoH/GBACW/GCACW/CWB etc

Hex & Counter wargames since the mid-70’s, but mostly minis since the mid-90’s, new to Vassal

In no particular order of preference…

Musket & Pike (TACW, SFO, UtLB, GA - just bought SFO and GA in fact)

Prussia’s Glory (I or II - not on module list but maybe one could be worked up - really, really want to play these)
CoA7YW (Lobositz, Kolin, Leuthen - not on module list but maybe one could be worked up, gorgeous games, like playing minis)
{note I am one of those perhaps rare birds who actually likes the 7YW Austrians, if you want to show off your Frederickian brilliance I am your perfect opponent!}

GMT Ancient World (Rise of the Roman Republic / Carthage)
GBoH (Alexander, SPQR, Cataphract, etc)

GBACW (TSS/3DoG - forget if I saw this one on the module list or not)
CWB (TatC2) - don’t have RSS/THG but might buy it if I knew in advance I could play it with someone


I would love to play 3dog but I know of no module.


There are modules for cedar mountain and Jackson at the Crossroads. But they have been removed from this site because of a claim by HexWar Ltd having a claim to online rights. For more information email me at

I think I have an ADC module of 3DOG. I`ll look around and get back with you.

If you can figure it out, there is apparently a ADC2->Vassal conversion you could use on it.
And unlike SPI/TSR/DG I do not believe GMT has an issue with Vassal modules, based on the ones they have permitted here.

Good News, I found my 3DoG ADCII module along with a River of Death module. Now, how can I convert that to Vassal or do I have a volunteer?

I have been trying to find the ADC2->Vassal converter with no luck.
But if you find it, or manage to convert the module over, let me know as I would like to get involved in a 3D0G game.

edit - I see… ADC2->Vassal is the beta version, have it now.

I have to snicker at this because obviously HexWar have no plans to have many of the the numerous SPI/TSR/DG games on their site, and will probably go out of business long before then anyhow, but meantime they are bound and determined to push their license to the limits just to prevent people from playing the games. Suprising DG does not step in and restrict the exclusivity clause of said license to games that HexWar actually makes available, but that was probably an oversight on their part they are stuck with now.

I own all games of GCACW except OTR.
Ready for playing

Do you have a preference for something quick and easy to start with?
I have played some of these a bit but it has been a while.
I have the games listed above but not GtC.

I have never play these games. I discover this serie very late in my wargamer life and only play GTC, SLB, SIV and RTG.
I have no preference concerning the scenario or the side. I think its better to begin with a short one for mechanisms.
but my preference is for long campaign scenarios. Problem is that duration of a game can be very long. So There are some ideas to speed up games and limit the number of mail exchanges when there is no impact on the spirit of the game.
I think to :
more army activations allowed
strategic moves favored
movement of units away from the “frontline” in order to make more activations in one. 10 units are in a quiet sector. They are independant. enemy is far away. And they have to be activated one after one.
I play too with cyberboard and have made a module with all maps linked in order to play from peninsula to Baltimore.

Hi, guys

If you can get the TdoG VASSAL module, feel free to contact me. Anyway, there’s a Cyberboard module about it. I bought the game three years ago and I never gave it a try… :cry:


get the beta version of Vassal, do a file import… you have to experiement as to which ADC2 file to import but after a couple of tries you will see which one works.

…then send the converted Vassal 3DoG module to me! (I do not know of a ADC2 module for 3DoG, interesting, although I do know of a Cyberboard kit for it).

I’d love to get into a game (any game) of the GCACW Series.
e-mail; gunny3013 at comcast dot net

I met with the gentlemen from Hexwar and HMS/GRD at the ConsimWorld Expo in Arizona this past summer and discussed these very issues. I tried to explain that the more exposure they get on free nets like VASAL the better off sales would be and that so few players don’t purchase a game they like its not even an issue to be concerned about but they turned a deaf ear. The appeal to the “new game owners” of old companies, it seems, is pure profit. Somehow they feel that if they could just charge you and I then there would be a profit in it. I lectured them about this being a labor of love but to no avail…

I might understand HexWar not wanting their games posted on VASSAL module site for people to play, but I cannot see how they could stop people from playing these games on VASSAL if they are not posted. For example if someone were to decide to make a module of “Terrible Swift Sword” and not post it and just e-mailed the module to other players whom own the game and wanted to play together on VASSAL. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Well, first off I am sure HexWar does whatever they want to do, wether it makes sense or not, from either their own business perspective or the common good. So debating it is a moot point.

Allowing electronic material for which you have a copyright to move freely about cyberspace beyond your control on the basis of someone telling someone else that they have the game might be frightening to some companies. And I can understand that.

I rather prefer the approach of growing a customer base by serving the people that do buy the game rather than making things difficult for honest people who want to give you their money by protecting yourself to the limit of the law against piracy. If you sell 100 games because of a policy which allows 1000 people to pirate the game who would not have bought it anyway then what have you really lost? And are the 100 people who did pay really going to have a problem with you (enough to affect sales) for permitting the piracy to happen when it was for their own convenience?

But all that is obviously the prerogative of the company owning the copyright.

Ah, now I actually read your post.
Nobody can stop you from doing that, and I may be mistaken but I do not believe HexWar or anyone else is trying to.

Its a copyright infringement but its like most “personal” transactions, impossible to completely police. 8)

gunny3013 wrote:

If you make your own artwork, don’t distribute the rules, and so on,
it’s very likely not copyright infringement, depending on your

I’m sure we went around this loop recently, check the archive :slight_smile:


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