New Player, somewhat to Vassal, looking to play again

Not entirely New to Vassal

Hi, been a while since I was last on the Vassal site… like ten years. So… I am looking to play a game of Midway, Axis and Allies, and Gettysburg, is there anyone interested, and you can help refresh my memory of how to use the site again. Am a veteran player and willing to try new games, after all being 50 does have it’s perks, lol :smiley:

I have not played any of the games you mentioned for a very long time, and no longer have the rules for them to brush up. There are some games for which the GMT site has living rules, and that are rather easy to learn. As for VASSAL, I can get you up to speed with newer features.
The following come to mind:As for VASSAL, I can get you up to speed with newer features.

Washington’s War
Twilight Struggle (difficult to master however)
For the People
When Eagles Fight
I have tried all of these, and find I refer to the rules very little now. The first 3 are CDG’s and the last is the customary hex and counter type game.

One advantage of being 65 like myself, is having a lot of time on my hands for gaming. I live in the Pacific time zone, but I get up very early and go to bed early (so many years of that routine is hard to break). If you want to try something you can send a message on Skype bill.mitchell314

Axis and Allies, sadly does not have the revised edition or the newer ones on the module. Midway '64 is very cool, and classic. I play For the People myself, and several of the other CDG’s. Paths of Glory and Pursuit of Glory are excellent.

Command and Colors: Napoleonics is a worthy one to try out, too.

Let me know if you want to give something a go.


I would be up for a game of AH Midway.
( a PBEM arrangement. )

Email one turn per day or something.

Let me know if interested