New Player to Vassal and Looking for Short 1v1 Intro Game

Hello everyone! I just recently discovered Vassal and would love to have someone to give me a little guidance with using Vassal and introduce me to strategy/wargames in general. I have never played any myself but have had my eye on a few free games online such as Victory & Valor. I would love to play a 1v1 with someone (preferably PBEM, as I have a somewhat hectic schedule currently). I don’t much mind what game as long as it’s somewhat beginner-friendly lol. I’m open to anything, I’m just trying to get my feet wet. I appreciate any advice/tips as well. Thank you guys in advance, I look forward to becoming a part of the community! ;D

Welcome! Please identify for us some board games you’ve played and/or read about.

What games do you own?

I don’t actually own any commercial games so I was thinking on playing something free like Victory & Valor or Battle for Moscow.

Valor & Victory is a great game!

Hello Moonhowler,

I am all about helping people learn wargaming and VASSAL. The more new players the better. I don’t check on VASSAL super often, but if you send me a message, we can discuss some options for playing with VASSAL. As a start, Russ Gifford created a cool power point pdf on the use of VASSAL. It is located on the site.



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Hi Alan i am in a very simular situation as Moonhowler aand an very interested in learning wargaming.
So would you be upto having a new newbie to give some guidance to. I live in the UK so that you know my time zone

Battle For Moscow can be played via Hotseat or against AI at the following site.

Thank you vey much i shall have a look

It’s worth noting that the implementation of BfM doesn’t get the rules right: The AI player just moved 29 Army from NE of Orel to SW of Orel using rail movement, which has to pass through Orel… which would be totally legal if 41 Pz Corps wasn’t in Orel.

Thank You for the info

Hi Iain,

I’m also in the UK (25 mies to the north-west of central London) and have been wargaming on Vassal for years. Happy to help you get started if you haven’t yet found what you need.