New to vassal and new to wargaming looking for opponent pbem

Yes I’m new but I learn quick so I’m essentially up for any game, I want to do a pbem because I think that would help my learning (I can do several systems at once and have plenty of time to check rules to make sure I’m breaking no rules and also I have a crazy schedule). And I’m up for anything I can get a rulebook on :slight_smile:

So post here and we can work something out and just think about it if you get a new guy hooked you’ll always have an opponent.

You need to help us out a bit, likes? ACW, WW1, WW2, Modern, strategic, operational, . A field that you have an interest in is easier to learn to play.

I thought being completely open would help but ok here a few things I like.
I like sci-fi, ww2 (not necessarily together), and I’m looking for some good deep strategy :3

I literally heard about vassal and thought it l’4ooked cool so I don’t really know a ton.

Ok well there are a few games that would fit description (sic). Check out this site and have a look at some of the games there. Great way to get some ideas as to interesting games.

I’m gonna make a new thread but for anyone keeping track of this one I’m looking for a game (idk if pbem or live) for Mobile Suit Gundam: Fortress … Domination (rulebook on the module page)

post here and/or email me at