New to Vassal: Clueless

I am new and downloaded Vassal.

I tried to take the tour but when I sign in, I see no modules.

I have the help guide and can’t see teh games being played moduels/

I am stuck now and haven’t a clue what to do.

Please help.


Along the top of the web page is an area in green. download, modules, docs… find a game you own and download the module from its webpage not from within the vassal engine. start vassal engine and the top left file/select open module. navigate to where your game mod file is located and it will add it to the list of games in the white area. any questions please ask

I think you are having this problem because you are downloading the module from vassal engine, try to download them from webpage, then reinstall them from file section, you will find that on top left side. I hope this advice will work.