New to VASSAL -- Formula De with no map?

I’m new to VASSAL. I’ve poked around with a couple modules and gone through the tour. I’m trying to get Formula De going, but can’t figure out how to get a map. I’ve added the circuit packs 1-5, Melbourne, Watkins Glen, and Zandvoort extensions, so I should have plenty of choices, but I don’t see anything. The help has pointers to the blog, but that doesn’t appear to include instructions. The Tools menu only has a disabled “Refresh counters” option. I can see the cars and markers tabs, rotate those cars and change their gears, but no clue how to get a track to run them on. What am I missing?

Found my issue – even when intending to play online, you create the game offline, and can then open it up from the server menu. That flow takes you through the rest of the game setup that lets you pick the track.

Pues cuando quieres jugamos una partida juntos…