New to vassal, help!

Vassal virgin looking to be schooled by vassal veteran. Mostly knowledgeable in AH games.

What games ?

A3R, TRC, Waterloo, D-Day, Gettysburg 77,Stalingrad, Fortress Europa, Merchants of Venus, Rail Baron and About 30 other titles. If you have Discord, we can hook up and talk live.

Humm… Gettysburg 77 - looking for playing the advanced version by any chance?

I could get talked into it. Not my strong suit. I haven’t looked at it in years, so I would have to brush up on the rules. Info: I am in CST.

Haven’t played it in decades but have some good memories of it. I’ll drop you an PM in a moment.

Games I would be interested in – TRC FE Blitzkrieg – let me know

Mr. Wizzard, you have my complete attention with TRC. Let us negotiate the terms of my surrender.

Did you get my PM on Getty 77 ?

To SKaith-Not knowing where to look, I am not knowing.

Click on your User Control Panel link at the top left of this page and then check your inbox. Headed away for a long weekend so I’ll touch base when I get back. :slight_smile:

So any luck, sent my Email address in the PM

To Skaith: Used control panel-private message-inbox, nothing there. I have sent you a reply via PM, hopefully you received it.

Odd, I don’t see a PM from you on my end.

I’ll see if it updates tomorrow and go from there.

Interesting, nothing there.

I sent you another PM since you are online at the moment we will see if it comes through. No idea why we are having issues, I have stuff in my PM folder that was sent and received. Did you post on FB vassal a couple of days ago by any chance for a game of Alexander? If so we can set it up through messenger.