New to Vassal, looking for a game...

Hello! Looking for a game or two of PBEM.

Games I’m somewhat familiar with or own (mostly AH):

Squad Leader (& COI)
Ceasar: Battle of Alesia
Speed Circuit
Storm Over Arnhem
Russian Campaign
WSIM (though I play that at
Fortress Europa
Battle of the Bulge
Puerto Rico (see, not all AH!)


Saw your post. I haven’t played Storm Over Arnhem in years, but I recall it was rather fun. Never played it via Vassal, but willing to give it a try, if you haven’t filled your quota of games yet… Or, I can give you a game of Battle of the Bulge if that’s more to your taste.

If you are still open, let me know by dropping a message to my email:

I am on the US West Coast. I am relatively free with time during the week, but on a bi-weekly basis I undergo a medical procedure which knocks me down for about 4 days, so my vassal file swapping usually deminishes during that time.

I am currently playing Afrika Korp and Victory in the Pacific via vassal, which I am still new to, and its been great fun so far.


Alex R.

Hi: this is Alex again. I just got out the old SoA game and it looks like the only way to play is live play via Vassal server, given the rapid back and forth of the movement/attack impulses. I am generally available Monday, tuesday, and Friday, every other week, from about noon to 4:30 PST. If live play doesnt work, I would be glad to give you a game of Battle of the Bulge…


Alex R.

Ok, that was fast. Lots of offers in a short period of time. I’ve committed to two games and I don’t wish to overwhelm myself given I have no idea how the system works yet. After I get my sea legs I’ll probably be able to ramp up a bit.

Too bad about SOA - a very enjoyable board game and one I’ve played more often than others.

I will fit in a game of Speed Circuit as it is low time commitment & complexity (and the initial reason I showed up here).

Hope to see you across the board soon!