New to Vassal, not new to gaming but it's been a while

I am new to Vassal but was a gamer back in the late 70’s - 90’s. Looking for live or PBEM games of Gunslinger (AH) (moderate experience), Formula D (never played), Speed Circuit (moderate experience), Panzer Blitz/Panzer Leader (moderate experience) or Rail Baron (heavy experience). Except for RB I haven’t played any of these games in at least 15 years so on top of being a learning experience for Vassal it would be a re-learning experience for the game. But I’m not a hardcore gamer, I play these things for fun and relaxation.

I am GMT-4 (US Eastern Daylight Time) and can play live most weeknights around 6-9pm local (2200-0100 GMT) and various times on the weekends between 10am-9pm (1400-0100 GMT). For PBEM I can probably keep a 3 turns/week or more average.


Here is a link to a formula d league. … y-with-pos

Thanks for the link. But the time slot is too late for me. It would be 10-10:30pm local start time on a weeknight.