New to Vassal too

Hello chaps,

Just moved to Portsmouth (UK) leaving behind a great group of gamers. Looking for FTF if you’re local-ish.

Anyway, being playing wargames since 197-plonk and now wanting to try Vassal to play. I play for fun most anything from OCS series to ASL. So, if you’re stuck and fancy giving it a shot I’m your man.



Dear Simon:

I am looking for an opponent on Vassal as well. I am in the US and cannot play face to face.

I too will play almost anything. I have read about OCS and it looks like an easy system. I would like to try Afrika sometime. I have played ASL in the past but it has been a long time.

Along the lines of ASL, I usually play Band of Heroes or Panzer Grenadier now. I also own Fighting Formations Grossdeutschland. I have many other war games which I would like to play on Vassal.

Maybe we own a similar game which we could play together? Have you ever tried any Avalon Hill games? I have the new Vento Nuvo’s Blocks in the East and West games, as well as Columbia’s East Front II. If you are solely looking for World War II…

Please let me know if you would like an opponent.

I am also interested in playing OCS games. I own a copy of Leros.
I can scan LEROS special rules to PDF and send for anyone who wants to play

John here, I live in Toronto Canada. I will branch out eventually but for now I am exclusively ‘a one game man’. Into ‘Russian Front-E’ only. Game is medium complexity but strategy is deep. I have found the game to be more addictive than crack cocaine, even though I have never used cocaine. 12 pages of basic rules and I am willing, and have the patience, to teach anyone enthusiastic everything else they need to know.

Let me know please if anyone is interested. Probably the best East front game out there at the operational level. Beautiful map of Russia and very clear set of innovative rules. Have a few house rules that are the accepted norm among seasoned veteran players. They tame a few too powerful rules which would cause play imbalance.