new to vassal

Anybody want to play something from the old AH line? I like Afrika Korps, France 40, Panzerblitz/Panzer Leader, and Russian Front. I’d rather not try to saddle my tired old brain with learning a new game at the same time as I try to learn how to play on vassal.

Sent you a private message.

Hey There Guitarman,
I am also a Guitar man with a tired old brain. Like you I grew up playing all the OLD School AH games.
Here is a list of the games I have, if any of them interest you let me know.
France 1940
Afrika Korps
Tactics 2
War and Peace
Wooden Ships & Iron Men
Battle of the Bulge
Richtoffens War
War At Sea
Alexander The Great
Guns Of August
Orgins of War
Frederick The Great
Napoleon At Bay
Third Reich

Hi, I’m very much into Russian Front-E and have a lot of patience and enthusiasm. Willing to play live or PBEM. Please let me know if you are interested. I am in Toronto, Canada (EST).

If anyone is still interested in playing either old AH games or SPI games I am up for a game. (EST)

I am new to Vassal too, but like the old AH games.

Do you have Blizkrieg, Anzio, Midway, or Battle of the Bulge?

If you still want an opponent please let me know.

I can play by live Vassal or by e-mail on Vassal. I am availabe mostly on weekends. I am in the Eastern Standard Time Zone.


Hi, I’m very much into Russian Front-E and have lots of patience and enthusiasm. Hope to hear from you. John