New to Vassal

New player here, been looking to get into boardgaming for quite a while, but it’s difficult living in a small rural area - Vassal seems like a good solution!

Looking through the modules, there are a few games I’m familiar with - Arkham Horror, Heroclix, and the Tomb Raider CCG (though I haven’t played in at least a decade).

There are a lot of games I’m interested in and would like to learn, though - Battlestar Galactica, Chaos in The Old World, Battlecom, Twilight Struggle, Betrayal at House on The Hill, Mage Knight, Gears of War just to name a few.

My interests lean more toward the Ameritrash spectrum, but I’m willing to learn pretty much anything - seriously, if anybody’s looking for an extra player in any game, hit me up and I’ll do my best to learn! I can’t guarantee I’ll like it, but I’ll give it a shot!

Anyone interested in any of the games listed, or looking for players in general, hit me up; I’m looking to get in as much gaming as I can!

We have a lot in common. Looking at the list of games you named, I already like Arkham, and i’d be interested in playing Battlestar Galactica and Betrayal for sure (know the rules, but haven’t managed to play them yet). The other games on your list also sound good to me.

Two things though:

  • I don’t really have a lot of time except for the weekends, and no time at all for the next 1-2 weeks.
  • We could be living in different time zones, which can make things harder. In which time zone do you live?

I’m in Central time.

In that case, the time difference shouldn’t be a big issue, it’s 6 hours later for me (GMT+1, living in the Netherlands), and in 2 weeks it’ll be 7 hours later for me because of daylight saving time.

same for me as for you guys from germany here so also GMT +1 and don’t really have anyone to play with… i can stay up late but can’t play during the day because of work (i only get off at 8 pm) would be cool if i could join this little party?

Drop me a line maybe we can set something up.

This sounds like me. Add me to the party list.

I think we should try to play a game with the people we have now.
I have vacation right now, so I’m available a lot for the next 11 days (On average, 8.30-20.30 in GMT+2)
If you want to play, send me a pm and we’ll figure out the details.

New to Vassal as well. Looking for games. Thanks

I really want to play a game of Betrayal at the house on the hill!

I’m central time zone and I’m free all day tomorrow and tonight and a lot during the week (college life)

Hit me up, my skype is lordofduality

I am pacific central time and have played BSG, TS and Betrayal quite a bit. Would prefer real time. Drop me a line.