NEW USER HELP: Saving armies

Hello, everyone. I’ve been using Vassal for a few weeks now and I wanted to join the community. Me and a friend started up what we call ‘Mordheim’s Ghetto’. Basically, we’re playing Mordheim using the Warmachine module. It’s a little odd, but it gets my friend through the shakes they get when they haven’t rolled dice in a few days.

Anyways, I would like to save my warband (and re-labeled models) but I have no idea how I’d do such a thing. Is there a way that you can build and store armies for later use?

In the Warmachine module, if you click the Check Messages button (it’s on the server panel, looks like an envelope with a red arrow pointing down), and scroll to near the end of the list, there’s a public posting called “Save Lists in Vassal”. This describes a process you can use to generate a log that can be played back to add your lists to a game in progress.