New user looking for a basic module tool

I’m a new user looking for a basic hex map tool to run a basic mass combat voice game with a friend. I am looking for something simple that we can place markers for units on a hex map for a visual reference for unit movement. Everything else is done via voice so the map and markers don’t need to be fancy or detailed, just a way to tell the difference between them and the maps dont have to have terrain or anything just a way to place markers for reference. Any suggestions? Also I have no clue how to make or design my own at this time nor do I have the time really to learn at this point thanks!



I’m gonna plug my work: The LATEX wargame package which you can use to make a hex grid, counters, etc. It can also export these to a (draft) VASSAL module. One example is Battle: The Game of Generals (ch-1.0 version). This includes terrain tiles and generic NATO unit markers. For other examples, see LATEX Wargame page.

Of course, this assumes that you are somewhat familiar with LATEX.


Thanks, this tool is helpful as I was having to cut/copy hex maps and edit them up!

This actually looks like it may be what I need. I’ve been tinkering with some modules for the space aspects of our campaign but it’s been slow going with my schedule. This looks great so far and I will dive into it and check it out! Thank you so much for the help!

You’re very welcome. I think we all can use all the help we can find with Vassal.