New user looking for help

Hey everyone, I have an issue I need some guidance on. I am in the process of playing a 2 player game of Space Empires 4X with another first time Vassal user.

I am running Vassal 3.1.18 and we are using Space Empires: 4X version 1.3.2. We are using Dropbox to trade files back and forth. Everything went well for the first five turns, but when I received his latest turn, I opened it and was asked how I wanted to join the game, as an observer or one of the two colors we were not using.

I am able to move my pieces, but not allowed to buy new ships. Vassal does not seem to recognize me as an existing player. My opponent swears that he did not make any changes over what we have been doing for the entire game. Basically he set up the board and loaded it into Dropbox. I opened the file, played my turn, and then save the current file back into Dropbox.

Any suggestions as to how can fix this?



Have you been using the same computer the entire time? This sounds like a module password issue.

I have. I don’t know about my opponent. He set up the game originally and says he did not set up any kind of password for either side.