New user... Noob Questions...

Hi there

I found out about this software from a link on BGG and have a few questions…

Basically I’m moving state and away from my play group and we thought it might be fun to use a virtual table top software to play some of our fav games online together. After some searching of BGG I saw that this app had a lot of recommendations but it seams to be focused on RPGs… we are looking for a system that can do card games and boardgames.

I have experience in making plugins for LackeyCCG for cardgames, but I was hoping there would be a app out there that has a bit more functionality in it. Namely maybe a scripting engine to do some extra funky things? I know OCTGN has this but there forum needs admin approval to get access and I’ve registered twice and months later each time still waiting for approval. Also as far as can tell it dose not have a save function.

For a board game I thought for starters we could make a copy of Dungeon Run… a new game much like Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon. Both these games use a modular board that is drawn form a deck… is it possible to build this game in your software?

Thanks in advance

I’m not familiar enough with other clients to be able to address them, but yes, your modular board is supported, albeit in a somewhat roundabout way:


Not sure where you got that impression but it would be wrong, perhaps you are confusing it with Battlegrounds RPG which focuses on RPG’s. Vassal was built with board and card games in mind.


Yes this is possible. It can also be done in many ways.


Here a youtube video done by a guy who’s using Vassal for D20 : … re=related