New version of Module:Battle for Moscow

Hi all,

There is a new version of the Battle for Moscow module:

This module implements the original game and includes the features

  • Rules in the Help menu
  • Tutorial
  • Automatised combat declarations
    • Select units, press Odds button (?:1 or Ctrl-Y) to mark units and calculate odds
  • Automatised combat resolution
    • Select odds marker and select Resolve (or Ctrl-X) to roll dice and place combat result marker
  • Reminders of available replacements and ground conditions
  • What happens next scenario

The module is based on my Print’n’Play version of the game available from the games BoardGameGeek’s file pages. The sources and built versions of the module and Print’n’Play version can be found at GitLab.

The module page has also been updated to better reflect the different variants and expansions implemented by the modules there.



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