Newb looking for a great tactical game

Im new to Vassal and complex board games in general. I want to find an opponent to play a tactical game, but i havent played any yet. The only complex board game ive played is Civilization :slight_smile: but theres no module for it :frowning: Invite to play something! :smiling_imp:

The best thing to do is pick a popular game that you see alot of people playing, and learn the rules, then ask for a game. Most folks don’t have the patience to teach you the rules of a game, on the off chance you will like it.

ty. Im now pretty decent with Mage Knight so post if u wanna play. My skype GoldovAA I can play evenings through the week

You should check out Star Wars X-wing Miniatures game. It is real fun and real easy to play.