Newbie looking for opponent - Prussia's defiant stand

Just received my first ever military boardgame “Prussia’s defiant stand” and am looking for an opponent willing to help me understand the game as well as the Vassal engine in a PBEM game.

Thanks in advance.


Heya Tom,

I’m game. Just found this game at my FLGS and am looking to take it out for a spin. New to the period but not to wargames.

Send me a PM and we can get a game going.


Still looking for an opponent. As we had to find out a live game will suit this game better than PBEM. Therefore European opponents welcome due to time zone.

Hallo Alpha.

Hmm schreib ich jetzt auf Deutsch oder auf Englisch?
Vielleicht aus höflichkeit Englisch…

My Name is Daniel and I am also looking fpr a game of
Prussia’s Defiant Stand.
As we live both in Germany live play should definitly be possible…:slight_smile:.
My experience is rather lliited so far, having played one game of PDS (lost desastrously with the Prussians) and having used Vassal only once or twice before.
But it is not that difficult, isn’t it?

Do you use Skype for voice communication, or something similar?

I am generally available on weekdays between 4p.m and 11.p.m.

Looking foreward to your replay,

Hi Daniel,

PM sent.