Newbie looking for opponents: A&A or Twilight Strugg

Just downloaded this and am eager to give it a try.

Would like to start out with a familiar 2-player game so I wouldn’t drag down a group. Looking for someone with a little experience using Vassal to show me the ropes. Would just need a little patience; I’m a fast learner.

A&A seems like a good game to start with since I know the game so well. I would have no game questions, just Vassal questions. I can also play the following A&A variants: Pacific, D-Day, Europe (only played this once).

Alternatively, I would REALLY like to play Twilight Struggle. I’ve played this about 5 times and know the rules well, though not necessarily the strategy.

Would like to play live nights after 9pm EST (after the kiddies are in bed). I’m a night owl and could play till at least midnight. Might not get an entire game in but I assume you can save a game and resume later?



I’d like to give it a try. I know how to play Twilight Struggle but I’ve not played on Vassal yet (I’ve played other games though).