Newbie looking for opponents

Hi all

I’m a newb looking for opponents for the following games
Twilight Struggle
Victory in Vietnam
Third World War (GDW series)

It would be great to find an experienced, yet patient opponent who could help me learn the ropes to any or all of the above. Let me know if you’re interested.

(Ha ha, the above almost sounds like a profile on a dating website!)


…and I would like to add Cuban Missile Crisis to the list.

…and First Strike.

Okay, that’s one regular live and two PBEM TS players. That’s enough Twilight Struggle for now thanks :slight_smile:

Still looking for a Cuban Missile Crisis player though, it’s not much fun playing Kennedy and Kruschev on your own!

I now have a small collection of Victory Games games, and would be interested in a PBEM if any all of them if anyone’s interested? I’m not sure how suitable they are though?

Vietnam 1965 - 75
Gulf Strike (3rd edition)
Central America
Flashpoint Golan

I also have Desicion Iraq which really surprised me.