Newbie looking for someone to play with


I’m looking for someone to play on Vassal. I never played with anyone on it, but tested solo modes for a couple of games, to learn the interface and stuff like that. I prefer live games, but if someone has time only for PBeM I can play that way to.

I’m open to all the game, although I prefer harder, and climatic productions (Arkham Horror, War of The Ring, and stuff like that), but if You are looking for someone to play a game, write me a PM with the title, and maybe I will want to play it. Most of the games I will be playing for the first time, if I can I will read the manual, but if someone will be able to teach me the rules it would be nice. I would be very happy to try Descent Second Edition if someone is looking for a player.

My English is not perfect, but we can communicate during the game either by the Vassal chat, or on Skype, or other Voice Communicators.

Looking for some reply.


What do you like to play?

Well I’m open to play most of the games, but I prefer the more thematic ones (like War of the Ring, Eclipse, or Arkham Horror).I can play some Eurogames from time to time, but it’s not the type of games that I like best, but I’m not forcing myself to play this games either.

Keen to join if you want/need another player. Might need to brush up my rules a bit, but am pretty quick to pick it up. Its been a while lol.

Hi im interested in getting a few people together for Arkham horror so let me know if your still interested

im intrested as well, in any game, to learn vassal

i played arkham horror thrice, always lost to the game, and i am very keen to play republic of rome

Hey I am new too and willing to try some games with you and most importantly I am patient as we try to learn how to play games on Vassal.

Personally I would love to play some Alien Frontiers, Game of Thrones, Carcassonne or Arkham but I am willing to delve into any games you want to give a shot.

my email adress is bbossenbroek307 at

I’d like to get in on some Arkham Horror action if you are still looking for players.

i think we have enough, capt treach, bastian, galad and shadow

Sounds good. When we playing?

im europian there is a 6-9 time difrence with the usa
so a weekend game is handiest
how about 11 in the morning ny time/5 afternoon london time
next saturday or sunday ?
my email adress is

That’s fine with me. Saturday or Sunday is good.

galad is busy with work next two weeks, he get his schedule end of the week

No I am not busy with work, I am super un-busy with work. I can make it.

shadow hasnt been replying anymore, ill send him a pm

So are you planning on playing Saturday or Sunday at 11:00 a.m. EST? Sunday is best for me. My daughter has a basketball game at 11:00 on Saturday.

ok settled sunday 11 EST. that ll be 7 for me

I’ll be there!