Newbie on Vassal but owner of many games


I would like to play a board game on vassal. As stated I am a newbie. I am also the owner of many games.

This includes:
Battles of Napoloeon: Eagle and the Lion
Battle of the Buldge (Avalon Hill)
Combat Commander Europe
Conflcict of Heroes: Storms of Steel and Awakening of the Bear
Lock and Load Band of Brothers: including Swift and the Bold, as well as Noville.
Merhcants and Marauders
Napoleon’s Triumph: The Battle of Austerlitz
Third Reich
Titan (Avalon Hill)
Tide of Iron
Twilight Struggle
Waterloo the Fate of France

Anyone for a game?

I will play AH-Waterloo if you will use my module.

I could play Twilight struggle if you like.

I forgot to add that I own La Bataille des Quatres Bras.The rules to this game are quite heavy but I am interested in sophisticated military games.

In addition I own Squad Leader (the original, but I think Lock and Load has surpassed it), Lee Moves North, and the Republic of Rome.

I have played many other games including Russian Campaign, Axis and Allies, SPQR, etc.

I am interested in purchasing an English game like War of the Roses: Lancaster vs. York, Bonnie Prince Charlie and The '45, or the Hammer of the Scots. If you know these games please let me know what you think of them.

I too am brand new at Vassal but experienced with many of these games. Would love a game of Blitzkrieg.

What time zone are you on for a start?

I’d like a game of La Bataille Quatre Bras very much!

I’d be happy to play TS with you!

Okay! Let me know what times work for you.