Newbie - Opponents wanted

As a Newbie to Vassal (but not to board gaming), I am looking for opponents in some of my old favorites. I have played several PBEM games of Victory in the Pacific and am now engaged in a PBEM A House Divided. While I am relatively comfortable with the PBEM process and vlogs, I am in GMT-5 (East Coast U.S.) and would be willing to try an on-line game with someone in that time zone.

Games I would like to try:
A House Divided (Alan Emrich’s living rules 3.1 and setup-I can send a copy if needed)
Victory in the Pacific - there are some play balance options that are needed, but we can discuss
The Russian Campaign - Old AH favorite, back in the '80s I did a lot of PBM but haven’t touched it in years.

Feel free to suggest others.


I would play Russian Campaign. I have a few PBEM opponents however none interested in Live play.
Always looking for opponents, interested?
either PBEM or live .

I also would love to play a game of TRC, I am at Spain

I am interested. I am in the U.S.
I do not speak Spanish. Is this a problem?
Which version of the rules would you like to use?