Newbie Question regarding manual dice rolling

So, how can i use this software to play against AI so i can manually select my dice values?

I don’t understand your question. There is no AI. What is “manually selecting my dice values”?

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my question is, can i use this software for cheating? where can find online backgammon that is with manual dice and giving me the dice reading that i want?

Sorry, not interested in helping answer this question.

Do not misunderstood me please, this is to show one game developer about such capabilities because we are about to start big game league and we want to find out how to avoid such cheating…

Hopefully for your help.

If you are concerned about stopping cheating, most users at the moment use an external dice-roller such as ACTS. Or they use discord and install a dice-roller bot in the channel.

If the thing you’re worried about preventing is rerolls, you absolutely must use a third-party die roller that posts results to both players. A client-side die roller can’t stop rerolls.