Newbie to Vasl

I am not new to SL, but I have tried and tried to figure out how to view a game in progress, so I can understand better how it is played.
I have the the Vasl Control panel up, and can sometimes see the game info, but no board or pieces. How can I watch a game being played.
I tried several years ago to learn this, and gave up, would like to give it one more try.
I am an engineer, but feel overwhelmed. All of the info asumes I understand what theyu are talking about.

Try starting a new game with VASL offline. Verify that you have the boards you need downloaded to the right place by setting up a scenario of your choosing. When you’re connected to the server, join a chat room (by double-clicking on the name), then right-click on one of the other players name and select ‘Synchronize’. This will send the information to your computer just as if you loaded the game from a savefile. After you synchronize, you should see changes to the board as they occur in real time.


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