newbie to Vassal -- loss of 'side'

I had an older version of Vassal and Paths of Glory module 5.1. Played two games, no probs. During a third game I updated Vassal to ver 3.1.x (sorry, don’t recall which version) and module 7a. When the latest log file came back from my opponent I could see my cards and begin a logfile but could not play any cards (move to discard or removed). I’ve just loaded Vassal ver 3.1.6 and now cannot even see my cards.

What is going on?

I guess the password in the module Preferences has gone wonky in the uploads and I am now considered a spectator. I can see in Preferences a password ‘dotted out’. Can I reset a password? Can I extract what password Vassal expects from the log files?

Thanks for any help.


I’m facing a similar problem. I had a Eurofront II solitaire game on a Mac with Vassal 3.1.14. I migrated everything on a XP PC and when I open the saved game, I am no more able to flip the Allies - only the Axis counter…

Is there a way to bypass that security feature?

Thank you.

You need to enter the same password as on your old machine. If there were a way to bypass this, it wouldn’t be a security feature.