Hi, I’m Mick, From Newcastle Australia. Just wondering if you can play solo or have two people sitting side by side on same computer?
Thanks in advance,

Of course,both

Well, yes and no.

You can certainly play side by side but many mods will have player side issues in that each player may have access to and restrictions from certain things in the game based upon which side they are playing.

This may not be a particular problem as long as the active player changes to their player side before committing any action. …and there may be times when one player may have to look away from the monitor to not see what the other player is doing. I can see this as becoming extremely annoying but workable.

I could really see this as a problem if each player had a private window to work from like a private hand of cards. For example, I don’t know how you would play a game like Texas Holdem on the same computer …how would each player keep their hole cards hidden?

So, I think it mostly depends on the mod and what annoyances you’re willing to put up with.

On Jun 28, 2008, at 1:10 AM, MWright wrote:

The general philosophy of Vassal it to make the game play be somewhat
similar to actual board game play, just using the computer for the

Playing solo is pretty easy. It would work as well as it would with
a regular board game. If there is hidden information, there may be
some issues, since the module may restrict visibility depending on
which side you are, so that could cause some problems. For some
modules that can be overcome by being the “observer” side, although
that might not let you move things. Again a lot depends on the way
individual modules are set up.

Side by side is a bit trickier, but if the game can be played solo,
then having two people looking at the screen would work as well.
There are the side-based issues just like for solo play. In
particular, since Vassal doesn’t try to run the game itself by
computer, but merely provide the components for users to move about,
there isn’t really any particular “hot-seat” game play (although
that might be one of the requests for enhancement).

One other thing that you may try, but which I haven’t and don’t
actually know if it would work, would be to see if you can set up a
peer-to-peer connection between two instances of the Vassal program
running on the same computer. Aside from sorting out the network
connection issues, there shouldn’t be any fundamental reason this
wouldn’t work. You could then just switch between programs.

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