Newby getting started

I’m excited to learn but struggling getting modules to open. I downloaded the world in flames module called 700 Reskin and the other one but can’t figure how to open these files inside Vassal. It wants me to unzip the file which I tried too but it doesn’t land me in Vassal where I can start to play. Anyone able to help?

You need to download the VASSAL application for your OS (link is the blue button on the front page). Windows and Mac have the appropriate JAVA version with them. For Linux, you need JAVA 11.

Install and run that and use “Open Module” under “File” There is also a user’s guide under “Help” of the application.

After that, you need to start playing around and reading the guide. Each module has its own idiosyncrasies, too.

I’ve installed Vassal and downloaded the module- there are several files in the module, and I hit open file but couldn’t get it open.

Modules themselves are zip files. They usually have a .vmod extension, but vassal can still open them if they have a .zip extension instead. I downloaded the module you are using and it opened properly when I selected the zip file in the “open module” dialog.

Yes, don’t unzip or extract anything from the module, just open the module file from the Vassal application.

Java 11 or later on Linux. I’d install the newest Java you can; the current release is Java 17.

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Yes, thanks for the much better answer.

Thanks guys… I’m in and going to learn and try a game