Next War: Anything

Hi! I’m looking for an opponent to play one of the Next War series games. I own Poland, Taiwan, and Korea, and I have the GSR for I-P. I’ve played the game on the table and on VASSAL (solo), and have a good handle on the rules.

Pbem? Live? You don’t say.

I’d prefer live, by PBEM could work (though I’ll need some guidance on how to run the turn. . . .)

I’m sorry for the delay, I had a bit of a family crisis, now mostly dealt with. I’ve pbem’d a Lot of games, so I know how to make it work, even though I’m not experienced with the NW series. I’m pretty much a newbie, pushed some counters solitaire, but that’s it. Are you willing to do a pbem Korea game? Scenario or campaign is ok by me.