Next war:taiwan

Next war:taiwan.There is no CRT in the game.

Does anyone have a CRT?

I haven’t played Taiwan, only India Pakistan, but the game is great even solo. Its standard rules give you a sort of medium complexity standard wargaming experience. There wasn’t anything I ever came across in the standard rules that didn’t make sense or wasn’t what I expected. My only gripe is that the bigger scenarios are all designed for the complex rules. The complex ruleset is a bit more of a beast, about doubling the time it takes to play a turn. I haven’t messed with it too much, tbh, but I like that the series has the option for you to expand its rule set like that.

I really want to get I-P on the table again and mess with the bigger scanrios and the more complicated rules, I just haven’t had the time or the space. I’ll also probably pick up Taiwan and Korea at some point too. It’s a great, reliable, if somewhat conventional, series.