NFL Strategy

I am in an NFL Strategy league-- just starting. Interested in finding other players. May need replacements. could possibly add late entry. Always future possibilities. Glad to help someone learn the game

Hi Mark,

My name is Bob, and I’ve run an 8-team NFL Strategy Football League for the past 4 years. We don’t actually use the Vassal Engine for games, we use a version of the game I built in Excel. It plays pretty fast, and saves all of the play calls for easier tracking of stats and tendencies. We’re going to start our 5th Season in January 2012. Maybe you’d like to join our league, or combine leagues if you have other players who are interested. We’re always looking for new players, so let me know if you’d be interested.




Howdy Bob,

Have you and Dave been in contact for your game?

Jay played Saturday-- lost 56-14 to Chargers-- ouch. I also was beaten by my daughter. We played in living room with updated cards, etc. It was nice despite Seahawks 17-10.


Baltimore Bob…do you still have your league?..would be interested in joining if you walk me through the process/guidelines. let me know.

I think they do still have the league, but they only play like 4 games a year…lol.