No Retreat! Deluxe Edition

Hey all!

I’m looking to play some of Carl Paradis’ excellent No Retreat. Let me know if you are game.


Hi James,
you are looking for someone playing this great game with you. I also like this game very much! :slight_smile:
I am an experienced player and I have played many other games using Vassal (“Breakout: Normandy”, “A Victory Lost”, “A Victory Denied”…).

Well, the only problem may be the time difference between us. I live in Germany and I think that you are in the States.
Normally I play “NR” online using Vassal and Skype. Think we can not play it pbem because of the hidden cards.

If you see a chance to play with me online at the weekends, I will “not retreat”. ;-)



I’m in England so we should be OK if you want to consider NR with myself.

Only thing I’m a little unsure of is how much time it would take - I would be aiming at perhaps on hour or so (so maybe one or two turns) per session.

I’m not yet up and running with Sykpe as I need a new headset which I’ve just ordered.

BTW, where about in Germany are you - been to Germany a few time and it is one of my favourite destinations