No Retreat GMT players wanted

Hey folks, I’m a VASSAL noob and a No Retreat noob as well. I’ve got the game and read through the manual and I’d like to learn to play and use this system. Is anyone up for a teaching game via e-mail?

Good day, I fall into the same category, rules , game, learn to play. I am not a vassal newbie though. Will be on the look out for a more experienced NR player however since a relativly new game may fall back on two new players bumping through rule book and forum on BGG to learn.

Juno, if you change your mind, drop me a PM here or at BGG.

I am ok with trying as a learning game. If we have questions to ask beyound our ‘ken’ then we will find them from support sites .

Do you have a preference as to sides as I do not? Feel free to set a game up and we can give it a go.

ggoodfellow@telus .net Greig.

hey if either of you want to get another game going , im experianced with vassell
but not no retreat .
I do think PBEM works well with 2 noobs as you can spend as long as you want
looking through the rules when its your turn !


No game going yet, feel free to set-up a noobie game and try this bad boy out. Again no preference to sides.


ok i sent you an email