No Retreat, other East Front/Stalingrad games

I have several East Front games but I am willing to learn something something new.
I have No Retreat!, Storm over Stalingrad, The Russian Campaign, ASL Stalingrad modules but would like to play A Victory Lost or others. I’m on a East Front kick of late. Thanks!
Jonathan White

I would enjoy A Victory Lost with you. I would much prefer pbem. Also I would prefer you contact me by email, if you want to respond. That way I can get your email and have a contact with you.

My email is

Also, there is a sister game called A Victory Denied. Are you familiar, or aware of that one. Very similar system, a few changes but basically a different campaign played with the same system.


I’d play Russian campaign if you want. Would really rather play via skype or other but if pbm is your preference let me know.

I’m solo playing Russian front right now. PLayed it a long time ago once at the hosts pad. I got killed because I didn’t really know the rules. Watched a game at a convention. I remember really liking what I was seeing. So yeah I’d like to have a game.

But first, according to the rules:

There is no advance after combat.
Units encircled (out of general supply at the beginning of turn) suffer no ill effects unless still Isolated at the end of the turn. Except German Winter Supply periods.

Just want to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Yes no advance after combat.

Units out of supply at the beginning of turn don’t suffer losses unless still out of supply at the end of combat(their status at the end of turn meaning after Mechanized Movement is meaningless). They do suffer limitations in both their allowed movement directions and movement allowance for beginning the turn out of supply.

I don’t understand what you are trying to say with your third point.

Well, it says that Russian and Finnish Units are ALWAYS in combat supply, and I don’t see anywhere where it says anyone except German and non-Finnish Axis are affected at all unless out of supply at the end of turn supply determination.

See, we already have a different interpretation of the rules. My interpretation Example would be that Soviet and Finnish units ARE NOT AFFECTED and remain in combat supply if they are out of general supply at the beginning of their turn. They will be eliminated is still out of supply at the end of the turn. But during the turn they move and attack at full strength.

That’s what I meant about being on the same page. So I’d have to see a rule reference to counter the “ALWAYS IN COMBAT SUPPLY” before I would agree that their (Soviet and Finn) factors are halved during the operational phases of the turn.

The same applies to German units unless they are specifically out of combat supply during the first 2 winters.

So, yeah, I want to agree on certain rules before I would want to play something. I looked for anything in the rules that indicated penalties for being out of general supply (with word search on the pdf), since most games do have that “feature.” I came up with nothing. I looked again. Nothing. As the German it makes things a bit tougher in the early turns as far as I’ve experienced doing a solo game. The russian pockets are dangerous.

So if there’s a rule that actually says anything about beginning of turn general supply, please enlighten me! I’m not arguing, rather, trying to come to an agreement.

Rule 4.6.4 specifies the effects of being out of supply on movement and movement directions. Rule 7.7.2 specifies the effects of being out of supply in the Remove Out of Supply Markers phase.

I’m using the TRC4 Russian Campaign rules from Vassal. There is no 4.6.4 maybe I have the wrong set?

Ok the rules I have do not seem to be correct (depending on the version you are referencing). In the rules I have section 7 is about ZOC and ends at 7.3

Do you know where I might e able to download a complete ruleset? It certainly would help with the “same page” thing.

Are you speaking of Russian Campaign?

lol I did it again. I wrote “Front” instead of “campaign.” Sorry.

We are a WW2 pbem group.

Any game.