Non-integer properties not working since 3.4.1

I have a number of expressions that previously worked from v.3.2.17 through 3.4.1. I noticed they don’t work on 3.4.3 and just confirmed they don’t work on 3.4.2 either. It seems to be related to evaluating non-integer values. For instance, {Strength==.75} used to evaluate true for a piece with a Property Marker named Strength that was assigned a value of .75, but now it only works if {Strength==".75"}. It’s easy enough for me to just add quotations in that exact instance, but I’ve got hundreds of expressions that perform math operations using Strength and they rely on .75 being both a number and a non-integer (at least until a final value is output). I realize that Beanshell math functions output integer values, but they have no problem handling decimals and fractions for interim operations and I was using that to my benefit. Has there been some fundamental change as to how a Marker with a numeric value is handled by Vassal now?

Ah, OK. I know exactly what has happened. Yes there was a change. The conversion check for Floating point numbers was removed to resolve another bug. I didn’t realise Floating Point checks could be successfully used in a module like that, given the in-built inaccuracies when trying to do floating point arithmetic.

Question. Is the .75 being calculated, or is that a value you a are specifically assigning to a property?

There is another less agressive way to fix that original bug, I will get it into version 3.4.4.

My apologies.

.75 is always assigned. As far as I know, it’s not possible to calculate/output/hand-off non-integer values in Vassal. At least I always had issues when I was a newb and just abandoned exploring that possibility. What I can do is start with a non-integer value that is assigned by a Marker or Dynamic Property, use that value in expressions, then output an integer value that I can use elsewhere.

Well you can, but it just doesn’t work terribly well as 3 / 4 is not .75 but actually something like .750000000001.

I have submitted the fix for 3.4.4.