Noob in WA looking to play online Up Front

Hi, have recently played Up Front at FLGS and really enjoyed it. I downloaded it here, and would like to try this out to see how it all works playing online.

Anyone interested in showing me the ropes and playing a game?

Thanks very much

Scott aka Scalydemon


I can run you thru if you wish. Vassal is ok and visually very appealing. Have you heard of There is an online version of UF (called Internet Up Front or IUF) which is text based; however, it is VERY fast to play and handles all rules interactions for you. Its a free download and can be played solitaire (just open two dos windows and run it on same machine). This is how I learned it many moons ago.

In any event, apprise your availability. I’m also east coast, just south of VA border in NC near Danville. We can skype if desired, my handle is paveuf.

happy hunting!

Hi paveuf, thanks for the reply. I’m actually in PST (WA state near Seattle). I will check out the link you provided. And I will look you up on skype.