Noob question

This may belong under module discussions but I have a question. I just downloaded Vassal and I tried Through the Ages. I finally got things working. While playing do modules take care of the mundane details? For instance, when building a farm it costs 2 rocks. I have to deduct the rocks from the pile instead of the system doing it. It is not a big deal I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Also the potential to cheat is pretty great as I can build more farms then I actually have rock for or I can pick up cards when it is not my turn etc. Again I just wanted to make sure this is normal. I seems that the ability to cheat would make for some short heated games.

Module behavior varies from module to module, but in general, the idea behind Vassal is to simulate as close as possible, the experience of sitting at a tabletop with friends. Honesty is assumed, because it’s not possible (or even desirable) for a module to enforce all of a game’s rules. The players need to do that, just like they would if they were playing the cardboard version of the game. Like you say, discovery of cheating would make for short heated games, but that’s true IRL too…

Some modules include a lot of automation, but that’s generally to take care of mundane functions like card dealing or bookkeeping. But the automation isn’t intended to replace player interaction of, or knowledge of, the rules–it’s usually to simplify some of the more tedious or time-consuming parts of a game.

So yeah, it sounds normal to me:)