Noob wants to PBEM

These games interest me but I am up for any game as long as people are patient with me struggling with the rules and all the ins and outs of PBEM.

Arkham Horror
Combat Commander
Conflict of Heroes
Conquest of the Empire
Earth Reborn
Fortress America
Merchant of Venus
Merchants and Marauders
Republic of Rome
Space Empires 4X
Struggle of Empires
Through the Ages
Twilight Imperium
Up Front

Sounds good to me, since I’m new to most of the these games also.
Have you used Vassal for PBEM before?

Any case, if you want I’m up for a game of Arkham Horror.
I know the basic gameplay but haven’t played alot.

I am available for these games:

Combat Commander
Earth Reborn
Merchants and Marauders
Space Empires 4X

pbem play, at least one move a day
I’m not expert so would start with the initial scenarios.
I’m Italien , I speak easy English.

pbem play, at least one move every 2 or 3 day!

I’d be happy to help with Combat Commander and/or Conflict of Heroes. But I think those game are not well suited for PBEM (especially CoH), as there can be frequent interruptions and reactions to the active player actions.

If you’re willing to play online, real time, let me know.

I’m a Vassal newbie too. Of all the games listed, I’ve only actually played Arkham. I’d be happy to try that out with you, or learn some of the others.

Let me know.

I’m new to Vassal also…however, I would love to try Space Empires 4X or Eclipse. Looks like we have several folks on this site interested also…maybe we can get a game going.

twilight imperium. if you’re still interested in it

I would play the following with you:
Space Empires: 4Z
Through the Ages
Twilight Imperium

I’d be up for a game of Arkham Horror. I’m new to Arkham Horror (about 3 plays of base game so far), and new to Vassal as well (although I think I’ve mostly figured it out).

I’m open to other games as well, but I don’t own a lot of games (yet), so if the Vassal modules for a given game don’t include everything you need to play (such as with the missing text on common item cards in AH), then I’m out, unless that game has something akin to AH’s wiki where I can look up the missing info.

I know it is not on the list but I am a noob looking for Paths of Glory game. I have only played it 3 times but my opponent and I have yet to play more than 3 proper turns without one of us getting a large proportion of our army OOS. Hence looking for a player who won’t mind if our game fails to go the distance :blush: .
cheers Bindusri

Vassal Noob here.

If you’re still down, I’d like to play.

I know how to play Arkham Horror and Steam but would be happy to learn any of the others.

Hi there,
I’m from Italy and I’m interested to play:

I wanna improve my experience on them (some already played, some known rules). Can you add me to your group?
Pbem play, at least one-two move a day.
PM me if you interested.

Can PBEM on Eclipse. PM me

-seanmemphis at yaho…

"Subject: Re:TI3
Hi, Donegal.

Yes, I’d be fine with using the Vassal module. Actually, modded is great! And doesn’t that Vassal module use the expansions?

In order to (re-)generate interest, I’d suggest using the Vassal module and posting the game (every action of every phase of every turn… I can do the posting on BGG’s TI3-PBF-Forum) on the BGG forum, as well.

So my answer is, literally, “yes; both, please.”

Now we need at least 2 more players, and preferably four more! =)
Here’s where using Vassal (inc. its Forum) AND BGG can help.

I’ll post this all on the BGG Forum and the Vassal Forum, and we’ll see who signs up! :slight_smile:


Donegal wrote:
I,m interested in a game. Do you want to use forum or vassal?
I know a great vassal module for the game, although it’s a bit modded, with sightly different strategy cards and technologies"

I am up for playing Space Empires if there is still an interest. I have the game but have not tried playing a game on Vassal before.

I’m up for playing Eclipse or Earth Reborn. I’m new to Vassal.