Normandy '44 - Fix

I have discovered two fixes that are needed for Normandy '44

  1. The British HQ units don’t have the ability to display “artillery range” like the US & German HQs do.
  2. The US 8th Corps “flip command” doesn’t work - no flip side.

I know how to fix this in the editor (and have done so) but don’t know how to edit the start up map.

In order to use what I have done, you have to pull the units off the pieces tab and then replace the ones on the map.
That works well enough, but I would like to know how to replace units on the map.

If you scroll to the bottom in the Editor, you’ll see some items labelled as “Pre-defined setup”. If you right click on them and select Properties, you’ll get a dialog showing what these are: Predefined setups are just saved games. If you want to modify one, the simplest way would be to load it, make your changes, save the game, reopen the module in the editor and set the predefined setup you want to change to your new saved game, and then save the module.

Related to this, I’m correct that an “empty map” new game is simply a saved game without pieces ?

(this because some new SPI/Dunnigan module don’t have empty setups; a thing whose surprised me, because SPI games was meant to be tinkered on… so also I point that having empty setup should be encouraged (I use wargames also as research tool, being a mil/Nav historian :slight_smile: )

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

No, it’s not a saved game at all. “New Game” just sets up the module components. There won’t be any pieces on a map when you start a New Game unless the map has At-Start Stacks.