not understanding pre-defined properties

Hello. I am using Property Sheets to define some characteristics of a game piece that will change during play. The problem I am having is getting a pre-defined value on the Property Sheet at the beginning of the game. I read the Designer’s guide relating to the subject and most seems to be pretty straight forward but the manual is a little confusing to me when it says:
[i]1. In the Game Pieces Palette, select the piece whose Property Sheet you want to pre-define. (Do not drag it to the map.)
2. In the Palette, right-click the piece and select the Property Sheet from the Command Menu.
3. Enter the values for the sheet as desired.
4. Save the module. Whenever a Game Piece of this type is drawn from the palette, the values you entered will be already
defined in the Property Sheet.

Is this happening in the edit mode? The “(Do not drag it to the map)” confuses me. That would imply that the values would be added in the game mode, saved and used in a pre-defined set-up. I tried that and the value was always 0 when I started the game.

I hope I have explained my problem clearly. Help! (please)

I guess I wasn’t clear in my explanation of the problem. So I will ask…How do you get a unit’s property sheet to begin the game with numerical values other than 0?

Bring up the game piece in the editor. Right-click the image and select your Property Sheet. Put the values you want in it and save the piece. They’ll retain those values at game start.

Dang! That was easy. Thank you DrNostromo.
Sometimes I just can’t get my ole brain around some of this stuff.

Problem solved. Thanks guys!