Notes Private Tab Not Private

I was testing my Sleuth module by jumping from one player side to an another.

I made notes under one player side in a Notes Window under the Private tab, saved them and closed the Notes Window.

I changed player sides, opened the Notes Window and the notes I made under the Private Tab from the previous player side are plainly visible.

Is this the result of the same user opening the Notes Window or is it supposed to be specific to a player side. If so, than I shouldn’t be able to see private notes made by a different player side, which would make this a bug.

I’m using Vassal 3.5.0, at the moment.

Sounds like you weren’t changing your passwords.

For testing purposes, I’m not using a username or a password. I’m switching between player sides. So, is it true the Private Notes are tied to the user instead of the player side?

I wouldn’t expect this to work given what you were doing. Most anything that is meant to be truly private is secured by one’s module password. The documentation refers to private notes being owned by the player, not player side.

Joel is correct - it is secured only by your user id and password.