Numeric Keypad support

Is it expected behaviour that Vassal treats a keypad as “mouse keys” - i.e. the numbers on a keypaad scroll a window when it is not full size ?

“Mouse keys” ability can be configured in MacOS and I guess Windows/Linux anyway, but when it is turned OFF in the OS, I am seeing this behaviour in Vassal. The downside is that the numeric keypad is ignored for Hotkey purposes, except in the Chat window.


Do you have Num Lock turned on or off (or does it not make any difference)? In any case, I’m not sure that using the Keypad is a good idea, as many keyboards sold now (especially those for gamers) no longer have the keypad at all.

FWIW, every quality gaming keyboard I’ve looked at has a numeric keypad, without exception. For instance, if you look at Corsair (a vendor of premium keyboards), not a single one of their gaming keyboards lacks a keypad.

It’s true that cheap, small laptops often lack a keypad. However, those are not gaming keyboards.

As a professional and gamer who spends 95% of my waking time on the computer, I wouldn’t even consider a keyboard that lacked a numeric keypad.

There are many many activities where you can enter data far faster and more accurately using the keypad, than reaching for the top of the keyboard.

Apparently, you haven’t looked for a new keyboard recently. “TKL” (Ten Key-Less) variants are popping up all over the place. I would never buy one myself, either, but there are plenty of them around now-a-days, including from popular gaming brands, such as Logitech and Razer.


I suppose only time will tell…

At one time, mechanical keyboards were thought to be obsolete as the “newer/cheaper” technology (dome keys, etc.) were significantly cheaper. Of course, we have seen a resurgence of mechanical keyboards as both gamers and other professionals have realized that mechanical keyboards offer large advantages over cheaper key designs…

I type on a Corsair keyboard using Cherry Browns and the difference is HUGE… :>

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same phenomena with keypads…