Observer Able to View All Sides Creating Pre-Defined Setups

Is there any way you can create the Observer player so it can see All sides when creating Pre-Defined Set Ups. This would make it so much easier than always having to figure out how to switch from one side to the other.

Observer isn’t a player or a side–it’s the status of not occupying a side at all. You can create an additional defined side that can in fact access the windows and information private to all sides and just leave the all-seeing side locked with a password at the moment you finalize and save your predefined setups.

But the … let’s call it “Designer” side, would show up as an available side, even though when you choose it, you’d find it locked. That too isn"t good

No, that’s not correct. You set your module password to something you don’t think anyone else in the world will ever use–for simplicity of the example we’ll assume “abcdefg”–and take the Designer side. Complete all your predefined setups and save them while continuing to occupy the Designer side. Publish your module to the world. Users come along and download it, then choose their own module passwords when opening it for the first time. As long as they don’t by happenstance pick the exact same module password you used, they will not see the Designer player side when opening one of your setups–because that side is locked by your password, hence unavailable and isn’t even offered as a choice in the dropdown options they see.