OCS, army of the heartland, 1777, Edelweiss

I am a french player and am looking for opponents for following games, sometimes a bit complex but so interesting.
série OCS : Tunisia, Case blue,
série of clash of arms : Army of the heartland, look away, campaigns of robert Lee
individual games 1777 and Edelweiss from clash of arms.

Hello Dan,
I would be interested in a game of
either Case Blue or Edelweiss.
Please send me an email via this forum

PBEM or online live?

pbem, because too much long to play


would be interested in 1777 but have yet to find the vassal module for it. Have played it as a board game FTF but not via vassal.

I am actually building a vassal module.
I send you a private mail

Did you guys know that there is a ZunTzu module for 1777. I bought it when it first came out and it still sits unpunched and unplayed on the game shelf.

I play with vassal and cyberboard but I am completely newbie with sun tzu.
but thanks for the information. I have made the conversion from Aide de camp 1777 module.

Is there an army of the heartland module? I would also be very interested in a 1777 vassal module.

I would offer to play Army of the heartland except I’m pretty booked right now and could only offer email games with a move done every week or so.


I am just looking at learning OCS and saw your post, would be happy to play and learn from you…

I am learning via solo play of Reluctant enemies at the moment, but happy to give anything a go you think suitable.

I am in the UK so time difference no issue if we ever wanted to do any non pbem sessions .

hello, Reluctant enemies is an interessant game to begin the serie because few units. You can concentrate your attention on placement. This serie is quasi perfect in many aspects but no ZOC system and action rating can be devastating in case of distraction. I play rarely but always suffer badly.
I have just to read specific rules before beginning. I am not an expert but know rules enough to make no big mistakes.
my mail is : danielwrg@hotmail.fr

Cheers Danielwrg - I have posted you a mail…

Looking forward to a game.