OCS Case Blue + GBII Module: Emergency Reinforcements

According to the setup book, the 8th Pz is supposed to be a possible German emergency reinforcement in the GB II play area from the start of the game until it Dec 1942 when it is released if not already in play. However, I don’t see this unit, nor the 122th Inf Division (another emergency reinforcement) in available pieces. Additionally, the 18th Mtr is missing it’s Afk Bn (since I assume it shows up later without it). Did these get skipped?

EDIT: Going through the reinforcements for the GBII map set, it looks like a large number of units are not included. 10 Mtr Division, the Spainish Blue Division, the LVF French formation, a number of SS units, Nehring KG, and so on. It looks as though any unit that doesn’t make it onto the EATG or CB maps or wasn’t present in one of the setups didn’t make it into the module. Unfortunately, it renders the GBII part of the module unusable.

The 8Pz is a Multi-Unit formation, you’ll find it and the 10th Mtr in the “Multi-Unit” section. The 122 Inf is under “Divisions”. The Aufk Bns are recon units, they will have a red background behind the unit symbol. For example, the 18 Mtr - 18 Aufk Bn is shown below. If you can’t find the other units, let me know their exact designations and I’ll try to point them out.

I ended up finding them under the helpfully named and altogether obvious GBII tab. I was just looking under “German” which appear to be the guys from the EATG/CB game. Thanks for the response Ben.